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Door Frame Metal Detector

Technical Specifications
TECHNOLOGY: Pulse induction

SELF DIAGNOSTICS: User friendly self-testing diagnostics to identify faulty conditions. Informs error codes.
CONTROL PANEL: Easily accessible, modular design with standard plugs & connectors. 4 Digit Password & lockable key protection from any un­authorized usage.

CONSTRUCTION: Lightweight, Rigid, laminated side panels and cross piece, ABS Plastic boots for panel protection, Base wheels for easy mobility. Water proof /weatherproof and usable at outdoor locations. ZONES: 3 (Three), Pin point detection with LED's on both panels.

FREQUENCY: User Selectable Operational Frequencies.

SENSITIVITY: Each Individual zone sensitivity Adjustable.

DETECTION : Detects all Ferrous, on-ferrous, Ferrite & Alloys, Uniformly in entire frame area, in all orientation & speeds. Detection at correct zone levels without interference/ false identification of adjacent zone. Conforming fully to IS specifications.

ALARM SIGNAL: Audible alarm differentiating between ferrous & Non ferrous metals. Alpha numeric display & zone display. FALSE ALARM RATE: Less than 1 %.
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