Personal Hand Held Metal Detector


  • Operation:
    Forward position:S – sound on
    Center position:O – power off
    Back position: V – vibration on
  • Indicators:
    Solid yellow LED: AL – target detected
    Flashing green LED: Pw – power on
    Flashing red LED: BT – low battery indicator
  • Detection distance
    Pin 30-60mm;
    64 model handgun 150mm
    6-inch long knife 160mm
    Steel ball 90mm
  • Alarm mode:
    Sound mode: Buzzer with red LED
    Vibration mode: Vibrator with red LED
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +70 centigrade
  • Weight:220G
  • Dimension: 375(L)X77(W)X26mm(T)
  • Power supply: Standard 9 volt battery